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Frequent Miriam Haskell Misattribution

These items are occasionally misattributed to Miriam Haskell on eBay and by other dealers. Because some of them are unsigned, it is easy to make such an attribution and potential buyers accept it without question! But wonderful glass jewelry came out of Japan and Germany as well.

The following items come from Japan (and I've had the earrings and necklaces marked as such).

These glass floral necklaces were made in Germany. I've had several sets in various pastel colored shades, always with petal clusters and pearl centers, sewn onto a braided cloth backing. The center clusters are wired to a metal disc construction, very similar to Miriam Haskell. Sometimes the marked hooks or ends of the necklaces get lost over time, so the identification is lost. In this grouping, the bracelet is marked on the back.

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